2nd October 2018

So very Proud the Mavis Nye Foundation has been listed by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) The mens safety is my up most priority we must breath safely ---- Any company that uses PPE/Safety equipment can help to ensure they buy only compliant PPE/Safety equipment just by using and supporting BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme members. 
We will feature your business on the new RSS Scheme supporters section of our RSSS website. It's totally free to do so.
By adding your business name you will be contributing toward a safer future for all, whilst raising your own profile at the same time. Find out how to get listed and join our growing band of supporters today! www.registeredsafetysupplierscheme.co.uk/supporters/
British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF)
British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF)

Check out the organisations that acknowledge that they will, wherever possible, source their safety and personal protective equipment needs from a Registered Safety Supplier Scheme member http://ow.ly/hg9Z30m24XW. Join the growing list of supporters of the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme - contact the BSIF on 01442 248744 or at enqiries@bsif.co.uk for more information. hashtag#healthandsafety

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What a great  few days in Amsterdam

Asbestos in Chinese rail imports

Iron ore miner Fortescue Metals Group has imported about 3500 Chinese-made rail carriages containing asbestos in one of the largest breaches of a national ban on asbestos imports since it was introduced 15 years ago.

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Tracy Hayden spector/Management Planner (MD/PA), Lead Risk Assessor (MD)
Sometimes you don't realise the cool hashtag#asbestos pics you get from a survey until you upload them (wild Friday night, I know...), but this old aircell was just begging to be shown-off! Look at its friable fibers on the torn edges of the paper-like insulation, the fray of the old cloth wrap, and the rust on the metal clamp still holding on all these decades.


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New cancer machine treats first patient in UK

A pioneering new machine, at the Royal Marsden Hospital in south London, allows doctors to see tumours as they administer radiotherapy to them, which previously not been possible.

It is hoped it will lead to more patients being cured of their cancer, with fewer side effects.

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Surprise Surprise. I  thought it was Obvious ages ago.. think of all the new  fossil power Stations need building to supply  all cars witha  charging source. And all the energy required to  dig up  streets to  install charging points. Its madness to  thinks  there will be no  extra energy  needed to do all this.

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This subject isnt taken serious enough by the man running a small company we must get through to the tradesmen how dangerous dust is and they must invest in a mask and be trained how to wear them properly A B&Q dust mask isnt the right approach either Future Environment Designs (hashtag#FEDTC) announces a new online course for Respirable Crystalline hashtag#Silica. This course was developed to meet the training requirements of the @OSHA silica construction standard 1926.1153. To register and complete payment. http://bit.ly/2wrYC0j

2nd October 2018

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